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Do you want to buy an amphibious excavator or a marsh buggy? Do you want to rent a swamp excavator? You are on the right page. We, at Amphibious Excavator US Distributor, are certified and well-known excavator manufacturers and providers. We have worked with several brands and were successful in providing them the best solutions to their requirements. 

Whether you need to clean/maintain waterways, shorelines, ponds, or deepen waterways and river deltas, we have you. Our amphibious excavators can also be used for flood protection and maintenance work and swamp and damp land construction or installation of pipelines. You can also use our amphibious excavators for highway and levee construction. All in all, buying an excavator or renting it will ease up all the dredging work you do.

Our excavators are made with great precision, and these heavy-duty machines are made to perform robust jobs on your site. The drive system in our excavators is modern and easy to understand. In addition to it, the overall design and body structure of our excavators is made with extreme precision. From pontoons to track shoe, chains, pins, everything is made to serve maximum work efficiency.

The design promotes easy transportation and maintenance. Maintenance holes are added to pontoons which help in maintaining and cleaning the machine better. Other parts such as rollers and bushing that extend the machine’s lifetime are also added. 

Want to buy or rent an excavator from us? Call us or visit us today. 

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