About Us

Amphibious Excavator US Distributor aims at providing constructing contractors, laborers the best amphibious equipment. Since construction work these days is not the same as it used to be, machinery has become increasingly important. Therefore, we started with the idea of delivering equipment to those who required it. We sell amphibious excavators as well as provide these excavators on rent too. The rates are kept as minimal as we can while offering a promising quality of these machines. So, regardless of your budget being big or small, you can buy or rent an excavator or any other amphibious equipment from us.

Machinery at Amphibious Excavator US Distributor is closely monitored throughout the manufacturing process to ensure the best results. Our expert engineers come from diversified backgrounds, and the equipment is tested at different stages in different ways. Once the quality testing team gives a thumbs-up, we are ready to sell the machinery or sometimes rent it to people having a low budget.

We manufacture excavators for diverse environments. When it is a rocky dryland area or a swamp region, you will find the required equipment for it at Floating excavators – SERG. Furthermore, we have a wide variety of sizes, so you can choose which size can help you the best for your job site.

We are a licensed company having an excellent record of satisfied customers and zero accidental losses history. We believe in delivering what we promise, and we promise nothing less than the best. When it comes to customer care, we are great communicators, so feel free to visit or call us for any queries.